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November 23, 2011
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How come I am updating an old journal? Because ever since I've written this, some stuff went down in the comments.

This journal was lying in the void of my journal history until a comment flared the discussion back up in full swing. While it started out as a decent discussion, it soon derailed into a sadly repetitive, agressive back-and-forth tennis game of words. 

This is what I have learned about social justice:

It's a concept that strives for a society where everyone is equal. Minorities and lesser fortunate individuals are recognized and respected and oppression doesn't exist. Social Justice Allies work to try and diminish rude, offensive things so this feeling of oppression disappears. That's an awesome concept and it's difficult considering we're living in a desensitized society where we laugh at things very easily and possibly not realize the consequences or effects it has on others. 

But as with a lot of things, there is a dark side to social justice. There are the bad apples. People who go above and beyond to force social justice upon other people, sometimes for unreasonable things. This often results in bullying, harsh language and even death threats. These people are referred to as Social Justice Sallies or Social Justice Warriors. Thanks to such people (who are abundant on Tumblr just to name an example), the core ideals of social justice are forgotten or distorted and the concept is submerged in a bad reputation. 

This ancient journal was when I was still ignorant and I had just learned about the concept of ableism a week earlier. It fascinated me and I wanted to learn more, so as a result I shared it with my watchers here just to hear out what they knew and possibly had to say. 

Turns out that's not what you should do. Nope, if you want something to be known, do NOT talk about it. Do NOT share it with your friends and do NOT have an opinion on it. 

Sounds pretty counterproductive, right?

What irks me most about Social Justice Warriors is that they often use the argument that people are priviliged (ex. you're born white, born without a handicap or something of the sort). According to them, being priviliged = being oppressive. 

That is something I do not agree with. How can you be held accountable for something that you cannot control? I couldn't control my birth as a white-skinned, neurotypical woman. I can't snap my fingers and change the color of my skin or the composition of my brain that resulted in my current mental condition. 

But you know what you can change? Your behavior and your actions. Yeah, I am priviliged and I am grateful because I am darn well aware that others don't have it as easy as me.  But to call me an oppressor just because I exist? That's ludicrous. Oh, and don't try to deny it. Denial just cements your 'oppressiveness' further down. 

I have family members who are handicapped. I have close friends who are handicapped. I have coworkers who are handicapped. My former significant other is handicapped. I myself have a chronic disease that I am going to take to the grave. It's not like I am blind to mental disorders, handicaps and diseases and you bet your butt I recognize that there's a problem that needs to change. There's a reason why I hold charity events and donate money to good causes. 

But now I am told to delete this journal because it's offensive? It's offensive because I throw out a concept into this part of the internet that wasn't aware of it at the time? And yet Social Justice Warriors complain that nobody listens to them and that nobody does what they want to. You know why?

Because you're abrassive and bully people as soon as they speak up on the subject. You want people to listen to your cause and yet, when they do, you stomp them into the ground until they go away, delete their blogs or commit suicide. Yes, people have committed suicide due to relentless harassment from these fanatics. It's a very toxic environment. 

So no, I am not deleting this. That's giving in to bullying and I've had enough of that when I was a kid. 

You know how you can make a change in this society? By being a kind and considerate person. By not calling mentally handicapped people (or heck, people in general) retards. By giving away your seat on the bus to an old lady. By helping someone up who has slipped on a slippery road. By donating to charity. By spending your free time to help and play with handicapped children. By volunteering at a hospital or a home for the elderly. By educating people about issues so the knowledge spreads. And I say educate, which means you don't cuss at people or make them feel like they're less than a human being. 

Any of this and more can make a change, little as it may be. 

You don't win discussions by constantly harrassing people and forcing insults down people's throats. Just because you say something twice, doesn't mean it somehow magically becomes correct the second time. A discussion only works if there are two sides, you cannot drown out one side by plugging your ears and singing loudly. If you say your piece, I'll listen, think about it and give my thoughts on it. If you start calling me names because you disagree with me, you've lost me as a listener. 

That's it. I am done. 

</b>End of update</b>


First off, I'd like to thank all the kind people who left comments regarding the death of my dog. I appreciate them all : ) But it was high time I made a new journal. Here's the thing:

Since last week, Yamino has been addressing a social issue on her Tumblr called "ableism". I never knew such a word (or even such a phenomenon) existed.

What's ableism? From what I understood, it's a form of discrimination that focuses on the mental (dis)abilities of people. To put it simpler: to use words such as crazy, nuts, insane, deranged, retarded or derpy is considered offensive against people with mental disorders and such. People who are anti-ableism strive to bring the hurtfulness of such words to the attention of the general public. For instance, Yamino expressed her disagreement with said words being used in cartoons and such and that it makes her enjoyment more difficult.

Wikipedia on ableism:

A site posting alternatives for ableist words:…

Now I won't go and be offended by people who use crazy or insane (retarded however, I can understand, but it all depends on the context). I sometimes call myself crazy or derpy and my friends aren't shy with questioning their own (NOT other people's) intelligence by using such terms either. I even heard a rumor that words like "smart" or "intelligent" are technically also ableist, since they imply a difference in mental state between two subjects. But I think that's borderline nitpicking. However, I'm a little more cautious when choosing my words now. I know that the people I socialize with most of the time aren't in the least bit bothered, but it's just for the sake of being considerate as a whole.

So why this journal? I'm curious to know how many other people here know about ableism and what their opinion is about it. So just a simple penny for your thoughts :3 Don't start major arguments with angry words and flaming, please. Everyone has their own opinion.  

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MrDissidiaFan Mar 17, 2014
I wish I could make people who use retarded as an insult become retarded themselves.

I'd raise FUCKING HELL if I had superpowers.
Dear lord, this is gold. Genolover, I salute you, you're doing the right thing and going about it the right way. I think I'm going to lurk around here for more SJW bullshit. Cheers!
Turquoisephoenix Nov 15, 2013  Student Filmographer
Wow, the person commenting on this old journal is a real piece of work, aren't they?

And for the record, I had to go through Disabled Student Services at my college because of a learning disability. I can't drive a car because of my disability. I'm not as disabled as some of the people in my department, but it's still a mental hurdle I had to get over. I feel I have a say in the whole ableism argument even if I'm more "privileged" than others in that I can still walk and have normal conversations and have normal thought processes for the most part. Even so, I'd much rather have people want to learn how to better improve themselves than go "YOU ARE ALL ABLEISTS! DRINKING MY COFFEE LAUGHING AHAHAHA I WON THIS INTERNET ARGUMENT!" because they are not helping. People like that are the reason why people are so hesitant to approach anybody in the Disabled Student Services in fear that they have to step on eggshells and not treat anyone like actual people.

Also, don't worry, you're not the only one that had someone attack them on a really old journal. I've had Subeta users yell at me from time to time because I said their site wasn't as good as Neopets.
...on a journal dated 2006.

Gotta love the Internet sometimes.
MistyKoopa Nov 14, 2013  Student Artist
SJWs are hateful, angry people who see the world in nothing but labels. They bawwww and try to be as disadvantaged as possible so as to not piss off the collective, while finding people to bully and call names for being "privileged". They talk about saving the world and making it a better place, while at the same time avoiding things that will actually do just that (whether it's volunteering in their town/city or flying halfway across the world to help an impoverished country), sometimes even raging at the people who actually go out and volunteer.

The best thing to do is don't feed: ignore them. They'll go back to the SJW friends and brag about how they were so "awesome" they beat you in an argument because you wouldn't respond. The reality is you just denied them the opportunity to rage and have a one-sided argument (the only kind of argument they know), which they were hoping for.
Genolover Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah, I got the troll vibe as soon as this person began repeating themselves and regurgitate the same accusation without providing any (new) material to back it up. I try to give people a fair chance at a discussion, so I guess shame on me for thinking this would be one : / Maybe they were expecting me to fall to my knees and apologize profusely. When they didn't get that, rage ensued.

Things will turn around to bite them in the rear when they realize that they'll lose more allies instead of gaining them by continuing this hateful behavior. Rather sooner than later, I hope.  
What, what, what!? First they advertise their campain and then they yell at you for actually spreading the word!? What the heck is wrong with them!??! Oh, right, we cannot complain, because since we are what we are we are automatically oppressing them...! Well, sorry to reveal this to them, but since they're acting this way then they are the oppressors and not you, me or anybody else! They're acting just like those extreme animal activist who delcare that "all humans are evil because they're humans".

You did well to not erase this journal, all they do is bullying, and bullies deserve ZERO respect to me!
dlc-chi Oct 14, 2013  Student Filmographer
It would be best to not use Wikipedia as your main information source and do better research. Wiki is quick and convenient but there's a reason they won't let you use it as a reliable source for essays during school.
Go to a blog about dismantling ableism and read everything there, and refrain from calling oppression a "phenomenon". Also refrain from putting the ability to say ableist things without consequence as a priority over those who are disabled. The same people who didn't want to give up the slur n**** used the same excuses, and behaving similarly will get your ass schooled in a discussion of ableism led by people who are disabled and educated in the matter.
It would also be best to not ask non disabled people about ableism since it isn't their discussion to begin with. That's like asking heterosexual people about homophobia. It's always best to ask those educated and in charge of the discussion on their struggles.
PhantomWolf1499 Nov 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

I know I probably shouldn't be replying to this, but it just bugs me.

You say you are all about unity and equality, but when someone voices THEIR OWN opinion, you bash them. It seems kind of like the opposite of who you claim to be. It would of been helpful for you to give another source besides Wikipedia if you believe that Wikipedia shouldn't be used. But Genolover explained that everyone has their own opinion, and kindly asked for there to be no arguments. Other replies to you wee people who voiced their opinion, but you didn't have to take it as far as you did. Personally I think you need to work on handling arguments, but that is just my opinion.

I know I probably don't understand everything you (and everyone else) said regarding this topic, and NOBODY, including me or you, knows everything. It takes more than just an online discussion to know someone.

If you feel the need to reply, then please message me instead of replying here. Don't give Genolover a headache over someone else's issues. And please refrain from cursing, even though I'm 14, my parents are super protective, and they won't want me to read those words. Thank you for your time.

dlc-chi Nov 14, 2013  Student Filmographer
For them it's just an opinion but for others it's being reminded that they are the "other" and that their life experiences can be erased by anyone who has the power to because it's "just their opinion" when it comes down to someone's life and their quality of life.
I did point them in a good direction, but they don't want to go there. I could list 100 places to go but it's pretty obvious they have their mind set on defending their ableism and doing nothing to improve. Also, minorities don't have to obey orders from their oppressors. They're fully capable of finding the info and more. But they don't. What does that say about them?
No one knows everything but it's erasure to talk over those who know what's going on about their own struggles. And that's what they're doing. They don't want to know, all they want is for things to stay the same and be able to be ableist without anyone calling them out on it, and they have the benefit of the power dynamics to do so. Goes down like that in any discussion on systematic oppression.

I'm not replying privately because if they wanted to avoid the headache, then they shouldn't have put something hurtful in the ableism tag where people affected by ableism would see it and be reminded again of everything they have to face every single day.
I think not hurting those people is more important than not giving the people that perpetuate their continued oppression a "headache".
They shouldn't complain when they're the one stepping on people who get stepped on enough, I have no pity or tolerance for that. I don't empathize with oppressors.
PhantomWolf1499 Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

I was gearing the headache to Genolover, who has to see all these replies. She admitted not knowing about this topic before, and she also said that she had NO IDEA that it could be hurting people's feelings. She didn't put anything hurtful in her journal, and I would know (I have aspergers, so I would probably feel the almost same as someone else who is special needs). She wasn't stepping on people. She was just putting a thought out there, and from what I understood, not meant to "step on" people. I'd say just let it be; if you believe that someone needs to change, I don't think an online discussion will make that happen anyways. To me, it seems like you are calling people out and automatically assuming that they are ableists. Like I said before; you don't KNOW them. You just know them based on what they post online. Personally I think they are great people, and they shouldn't be put don by someone who doesn't want to get to know them better.

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